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This is Home to My 1982 Ford Bronco XLT Lariet Called Broncgobabygo

Always LQQKin for that Xtra P T A PTA May Mean in some places as Parent/Teacher/Association What it means here is POWER!! TORQUE!! & ACCELERATION!!!

3 & half Tons of All Steel (7400lbs) 4x4 Rooster Tail Mean in Mud - 4 Wheel Roaster Monster on Pavement - 2 Wheel a bet Faster

Here are the Torque Results from My Dyno Run. They are takin without NOS or the Twin-Blowers hooked up.

Here are the HP Results from My Dyno Run. Again without the NOS or Twin-Blowers hooked up.

DynoJet Punched out 418hp at 6200rpms with Torque Peeking at 428ft/lbs.
Thinking about Stroking it next
I'll be running another Set of Dyno Runs with the Twin Eaton Blowers hooked-up and I'll post them when it happens P>

Heres are the Torque Results from The Dyno Run with the Twin Blowers Hooked up using a mild set of Pulleys. P>

Heres are the HP Results fron the Dyno Run with the Twin Blowers Hooked up using a mild set of Pulleys. Going to put a set a more agressive set of pulley to raise the PSI level up to 12lbs. Theory wise it could raise my HP level into the high Five hundred or low 600 hundreds. Wise me luck.

Heres a List of All The Goodies So Far

My Kick-Ass 302 Bronco
All Ideas/Designs/Fabrication/Building By Dennis Kerbel (Me) :})


Mexican Long Rod 302 Block-Boiled-Burded-Punched-Decked-Hoed-Shaked&Baked Out .040"
Nodular Steel Turned-Polished-Oil Chambered Crank
(World Products) 1997 GT-40P 53cc Casted Heads "Ported,Semi-Polished" w/Bronze Guides<~~These are some Go'in Heads for Cast. They Actually Ran Better Then My Previous Pair of Edelbrock 60cc Performer Aluminum Heads
Designed and Fabricated a Twin-Blower System
Applied the following 2 Blowers
(NEW)(Eaton) M90 Root-Style Blower
(NEW)(Eaton) M62 Root-Style Blower
(ARP) Torque-to-Fit Hardened Washers Head Bolts
(Ferrea) 1.94Intake/1.60Exhaust Stainless Steel Valves Swirl Head(3 angle valves)
(Crane) Double Chrome Silicon 1.520" Valve Springs
(Crane) Teflon Valve Seals
(Comp Cam) Chrome Moly Dual-Spring Retainers/7degree Locks
(Crower) Custom Made One Piece 6.92" Chrome Moly Heat Treated Push Rods
(Crane)1.7 ratio Aluminum Roller Rockers
(Moroso) Chrome Tall Valve Covers
(CompCam) Xtreme Energy Dual Profile Cam 284-Intake/Dur 292-Exhaust/Dur with the increased ratio from the Rocker Arms Intake>.572"lift Exhaust>.576"lift 110degree Overlap
(NEW)(Crane) Flat-Tappet "Hi-Intensity" (previously known as Fast Bleed) Hydraulic Lifters
(Edelbrock) "True" Double Roller Timing Chain Set
(Eagle) I-Beam "SIR" 5140 Steel Piston Rods w/ARP Rod Bolts
(Federal Mogul-Speed Pro) .040" Over 9:5-1 "Deep Grove" Power Forged Pistons w/CermaCoated Tops
(Clevite 77) Main/Rod bearings
(Hastings) Chrome Moly Piston Rings
(Melling) High Volume Oil Pump
(Perma-Cool) Remote Oil Filter Kit
(Summit) Double-Sump Chrome 7Qt. Oil Pan
(Ford MotorSports) Blue Anodized Under-Drive Pulley System
Designed and Built a Serpentine Belt Drive System to apply the Under-Drive Pulleys and to Drive the Twin Blowers
(Mammoth) 40% More Flow Over-Size Bearings Aluminum Chrome Water Pump
(Summit) High CFM 16" Adjustable/Reversable Flex-Electric Cooling Fan
(Griffin) 3 Core 1/2" tubes Aluminum Radiator
Performer Series 750CFM Carburetor
(Holley) "Red" Electric Fuel Pump w/Regulator
(Weiand) X-CELerator Single Open-Plenum Aluminum Hi-Rise Manifold (Port Matched)
(NOS) Big Shot Fogger Injector Plate Nitrous-Oxide System w/a Pro Shot Nitrous Solenoid & a Cheater Fuel Solenoid (200--400 HP) Running Now at 275hp shot
(NOS) Remote Bottle Valve Solenoid
"Just flip a Switch instead of hand-cranking the Bottle Valve"
(Mallory) Unilite Distributor
(MSD) MSD6A Multi-Spark CD Ignition Module
(MSD) Digital Multi-Retard Module
(Accel) 8.8mm Spiro Wound Yellow Plug Wires
(Splitfire) Non-Platinum Plugs or (NGK) NR6 V-Groove Plugs
(Crane) PS91 Fire Ball E-Core Coil
(BBK) Premium Series Chrome Shorty Headers
(Mr. Gasket) Header Stud Bolts w/Ripped Locking Nuts
(Thrush) Glass Packs
(Flow-Tech) "Huge Hanna's" Exhaust Tips
(Autolite's) "NASCAR" Mega Torque Starter
(Fel-Pro) Pro Blue Series Gaskets & Seals
(Summit) 8" Velocity Stack Air Cleaner or Edelbrock Pro-Flo 1000cfm Series
(Grant) GT 10" Custom Series Steering Wheel


(Nordskog) 3 3/8" Digital Bar Graph Speedometer Gauge
"It Has Memory for High Speed, Quarter Mile Time, Odometer & Trip Odometer"
(Nordskog) 2" Digital Bar Graph Air/Fuel Mixture Gauge-Sensing From Dual OxygenSensors
(Nordskog) 2" Digital Read-Out "M Series" Oil Pressure Gauge
(AutoMeters Autogage) 3 3/4" Black ATM-2300 Series Tach
(AutoMeter) 2" Z-Series Electrical Amp Gauge
(VDO) Black "Cockpit Series" Water Temp Gauge
(VDO) Black "Cockpit Series" Oil Pressure Gauge
(Holley) "In Cab" Electric Fuel Pressure Gauge


Complete Gutted (down to just the Aluminum Casing) C6 Automatic Trany
Everything listed is New or New High Performance

Bushings (front&rear stator, ft&rr DR, ft&rr Hard End Case)
(TCI) High Performance (thrust) Washer & Needle Bearing Kit
MCS Front Flange Seal
(TCI)High Performance Clutch(s) & Friction Plates
(TCI)Master Rebuild Kit (seals,bearings,gaskets...etc.)
(B&M)Large Mouth Filter Kit
(B&M)Poly Urethane Rubber Pan Gasket
(Proform) C6 Chrome Drain Plug Trans Pan
(MakCo) "High Torque Nickel Hardened Gears" Front Pump Assembly w/flange
(Red Ball) Front Pump O-Ring Beveled Seal
(MakCo) Nitrated Hardened Front Pump Gears (extra)
(TCI) Hardened Out-Put Shaft
(MakCo)Beveled (Star) Pressure Plate
(TCI) "Blue" High Performance Clutch(es) & Friction Plates
(MakCo) Nitrated Hardened "Heat Treated" Sun Gear
(TCI) High Performance Roller Clutch & Spring/Cage Assembly
(Delta) High Performance Sprague Assembly
(TCI) High Performance Intermediate "Grabber" Band
Snap Ring Kit
(B&M) Intermediate "Double Groove Seals" HP40 Servo
(B&M) High Tension H-11 Steel Servo Spring
(Stock) Forward & Reverse Planetary Gear(s) Assembly
(Stock) Forward Planetary Ring Gear
(Delta) Performance Spring Retainer w/Place Welded Springs
(B&M) Trans-Pak Strip Shift Kit
(B&M) 3000rpm Hole Shot Stall Converter
(TCI) Fixture Weld Ring Gear 10,000 rpm Flex Plate
(B&M) Mega Ratchet Floor Shifter

Complete Rebuilt Transfer Case


(Precision) High Performance U-Joints w/Extra Wide U Bolts
ReBuilt 9" w/
(Eaton) 31 Spline Axles
(Hub City) Axle & Pinion Bearings/Seals
(NEW)(Richmond) 4.11's Ring&Pinion Sets

NOTICE: According to The Law of Physics & Gravitational Pull. I reserve the Rite to Hit My Nitrous ANYTIME. OH YEA!!!.

This is the Place where I get you the low down on the changes that are going to take place on My Site. :})
"> This is my Friend Mike with his Quick,,,I mean VERY Qqqquick Stroker Wedge Head 71 CamaRO-GO,,,and Fast too! It was a Saaaaaaad Day,,We Missed Smoke'em at Bandimere RaceWay. We were to stupid to start earlier. sssheeeessshhhhh chit,,,wooessssss

New Stall Converter - Fabing an Intercooler for the Blowers - Possibly looking for a Larger Root Blower - Possibly going to a Crane HI-6 CD ignition with LX-92 or 93 Coil - Looking at appling a pair of Dellorto side draft carbs - New set of better Pistons - Possibly Stroking the block to a 331 or 347 :})

Check Back for More Changes with the Broncgobabygo TANKS :})
Send Some E-Mail to Me :})
The 4th Power Plant

Exterior Of The Broncgobabygo
Being a 82 with a little over 300,000 on the body. Everything has been rebuilt or replaced at least once

Sniff,,,SNIFF!! I Smell BLOWER TIME,,YeeeeHaaaaaaa'ed
Eaton M62 Series 3 w/built in bypass valve and Round Input Port
This Design incorporated a Carb Side-Mount input with a Intake Carb Adapter Plates - Carb Plate to Input Tube with all the Linkages & Extension Drive to Serpentine Belt Drive. It proved to be not enough blower for the 302.

This is a Different Design Eaton M90 Series 3 with no bypass valve and Enlongated Round Input Port for More Volume
This Design Incorporated a Top Carb Plate and Overhead Input Tube. This Design worked Better because the long runners and Upward Drafting of the Side Mount proved to be a little tomuch with lag time of the throttle and Gas remaining in the input tube. The Top Design had Gravity on its side and Drafted much better with Instantanious Throttle Response & No Gas left over in the Input Tube. Hood Clearance was the Factor with the Over Head Design tho.

Eaton M90 Blow-Thru System
So I went to the Blow-Thru theory. It worked a little Better but 1 single M90 wasn't enough for the Top-End,,,limiting the Top End. Otherwords not enough Volume of Air. PSI was good enough at 5psi so that was half of the battle.

Eaton M90 & M62 Blow-Thru System w/intercooler
Well,,,Since 1 Eaton Blower isn't enough,,,Why not take Both of Them and Apply it to a Blow-Thru System...Yupe,,,Sure Enough,,Now I've got Good Enough Air Volume and Top Boost is now 10-11psi in Top End. Man,,,it Really Hauls>>>Ass Now!! Yeeehaaa!!!

Boost Reference Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Pump Runs at 13-14psi,,,I drilled a hole in the Fuel Pressure Regulators Adjustment Screw so I can put Boost Air Pressure From the Carb Bonnet to the Regulator so it would proportional increase with Boost. Boost Pressure starts out a 3psi idle and the Fuel Pressure Regulators Pressure starts out a 6-7psi. Top End Boost Pressure is 10-11psi and the Fuel Pressure ends up at 13-14psi

New Concept As a Draw Thru system
There was lag time because of the input tube length from the Carb to blowers. It lacked Pedal Response and one of the reasons for installing Blowers is Pedal Response so this had to go. Niz thought tho

Maybe a Pair of Weber Carbs
I smell Webers

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